Coding Box

Odinga Coding Box
for Learning Computational Thinking

Learning Computational Thinking through CS Unplugged activities
let students understand how to :

  • describe a problem,
  • identify the important details needed to solve this problem,
  • break the problem down into small, logical steps,
  • use these steps to create a process (algorithm) that solves the problem,
  • and then evaluate this process.

※ CS Unplugged :

Computer science without computer

The unplugged activities introduce students to Computational Thinking through concepts such as binary numbers, algorithms and data compression, separated from the distractions and technical details of having to use computers.

Unplugged coding set for 5-8 year kids

3 dimensional model for very early stage of coding study

1. Story Book    -    Funny story books for understanding Computational Thinking

• Oringa and their friends came to the Earth for getting flowers.
     While traveling all over the world, they face unexpected, amazing and fun events
• The story has computational thinking concepts.
     Our young readers can learn the complicated knowledge unconsciously and pleasantly.

2. Play & Make Kit    -    Play & Make kits for enrichment of unfamiliar concepts

• Creation activities for first-time makers
• Application exercise for in-depth study of computational thinking

3. Mobile Coding Games    -    Exercise of block coding with mobile game

• Coding games to adapt the concepts such as order, pattern, roof, function, etc
• Development of thinking and problems solving abilities.